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Blue Cabinet Research Briefing

The Telecomix Blue Cabinet is a working wiki project to document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment that are used in dictatorships and democracies around the internets. The project came into being after Telecomix became aware of, and published, that Blue Coat Systems surveillance technology (IP filtering) was being used by the Syrian government under the dictatorship of Assad. These "Blue Coat logs" can be viewed at Project Bluesmote.

The Blue Cabinet Wiki contains only public information. This means that anyone may add truthful data with sources i.e. urls to where you found it online.

The purpose of the Blue cabinet Wiki Project is to create an overview and to share resources between Telecomix and other projects out there that have the same goal as us; to identify and expose those who profit from selling surveillance technologies that enable the invasion of privacy, targeted intimidation, harassment and that assist governments to identify and locate citizens they consider dissidents, often leading to detainment, torture and even death. The Blue Cabinet is an information sharing system, aiming for a better future internet.

Connecting to this wiki

The website is the interface to the normal, open internet. When using this plaintext version, it is not possible to make edits. That locale is the Read-only mirror wiki. By using the TOR software, you can access a read/write version of this wiki, which may be edited by anyone. It is available on https://twulujga5k2t3i6c.onion with the List of Companies on https://twulujga5k2t3i6c.onion/wiki/Blue_cabinet.

Moreover, this website uses a self-signed https certificate. This is why your browser warns when entering this either of the wiki sites. You can verify the SHA1 fingerprint by asking us on IRC, or check with @TelecomixBSRE on Twitter, where the fingerprint is in the profile.

  • SSL SHA1 fingerprint: E8:43:2B:F6:5A:D2:8E:7E:A2:F8:AD:3F:BD:00:E4:12:1B:16:D7:AE
  • SSL MD5 fingerprint: 04:CD:C9:E1:46:79:5E:DE:84:D5:88:37:6A:CA:2B:CF

How to volunteer and use the wiki

Please read the How to Contribute sections for details on how to participate, what data to add, how to find data and how to make a new page.

How to contact us

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Telecomix Bluecabinet

As of October 5, 2012 the Telecomix Blue cabinet chatroom is being hosted by World Neighborhood servers as the BACKUP ONLY. <3 The Telecomix Blue Cabinet Wiki Project Chatroom (aka the Bureau of Surveillance Research and Exposure (BSRE)).

Volunteers are welcome and always needed.


The best way to contact Telecomix Blue Cabinet's Bureau of Surveillance Research and Exposure (BSRE) is by

1. Telecomix Bluecabinet or IRC

2. Twitter: @TelecomixBSRE - Tweet or Direct Message

Other Surveillance Related Wikis

  • Project PM focus on government contractors conducting surveillance of the public to provide a centralized, actionable data set regarding the intelligence contracting industry, the PR industry's interface with totalitarian regimes, the mushrooming infosec/"cybersecurity" industry, and other issues constituting threats to human rights, civic transparency, individual privacy, and the health of democratic institutions.
  • Bugged Planet Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Tactical and Strategical Measures used to intercept Communications and the Vendors and Governmental and Private Operators of this Technology.